Thursday, June 30, 2011

Past Week

ok so this first post will cover this past week. From 6.23.2011 to 6.30.2011! My posts will not come once a week, this week has been really busy and crazy!

I had a photo shoot this week for my friend business, her name is Luna and she makes some incredible pieces! Anywhere from jewelery to hair accessories! You should most certainly check her etsy out! Here are some of the shots: 

There are many more! they can be found in my portfolio on my website
  you can follow her on Twitter and of Facebook

On Tuesday Luna and I had an amazing chance to meet Katie Cazoria, the star of a new reality show Nail Files on the TV Guide Network
Katie owns a business in LA called The Painted Nail! It really is an awesome reality show, I personally am not a fan of the Reality shows but this one is worth catching! you can see it on the TV Guide Channel on Tuesdays at 10/9c. 

Now Luna and I both got to meet her when she was here in Phoenix, she and her mobile spa truck have been traveling  to a few different places and giving away free manicures when you come out! 
The truck is very comfortable, big comfortable chairs, and a large 42" plasma screen. 

 Now while Luna was interviewing Katie, I was doing what I do best and taking pictures like this! We were out there for a few hours, Katie is very fun loving and she loves glitter! I had so much fun and I would like to thank her for the fun day!

                                            you can follow Katie on Twitter  and on Facebook.

Fourth of july is coming up, and I am hoping to get some good shots of fireworks, We shall see how it goes! Hope everyone has a safe and fabulous 4th! 

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