Thursday, July 7, 2011

Girls night, 4th of july, freak storms and family!

Well, Girls night was a Flop, but we have rescheduled and were hoping and praying for a better one the second go around. It was originally an Alice in Wonderland theme, but the new theme is a costume party. I guess we will be celebrating Holloween a bit early :D Luna and I are both hoping this one is much better than the last! did get some cute pictures of the two girls that did show :D

So Girls night was not a total loss, I still got some cute shots :D Luna and Alicia were great models :D some are most certainly going into my portfolio on my website
Now onto the fourth of July! It was really awesome! I spent it with my amazing boyfriend and his friends and family! we had a BBQ, in which i prepared 10 lbs of potato salad, 5 dozen deviled eggs, Hormell Chilli bean dip, and Baked beans! I had alot of fun! after the BBQ my boyfriend, his friend and I all went to the top of the Good Samaritan's Hospital parking Structure to watch Fire Works! We got to see 4 or 5 different shows from were we were and then we watched an Arizona Storm Roll in!
awesome fire works right ??

Ok, so speaking of Arizona storms, ( for those of you that heard about it) Phoenix had Tornadoes touching down all over the Valley a few years back, I think it was in 2009, or remember the Freak hailstorm in October 2010?? you know the one that covered most of the Valley of the Sun, Hail chunks ranging from small pebble sizes to Softball sizes ?? ok anyhow... July 5, 2011... Phoenix gets covered with this MASSIVE Dust Storm. It seriously came out of no where and Just covered the Entire Valley of the Sun. 
The huge wall of dust was between 50 and 70 miles wide and one mile deep. The National Weather Service clocked wind gusts at more than 60 mph, which is nearly the strength of a Category 1 hurricane. The storm moved quite fast, whipping across the Valley at about 35 mph.
From Pima County ( just north of Tuscon, were the storm began)  to New River ( South to North, were friends and family of mine are still sweeping dust out of their homes) it is about 195 miles and from Casa Grande to Glendale is about 59 miles ( east to west), all of these areas were hit, and Phoenix the hardest!
All visibility was gone as far as travel went. Planes were grounded and freeways were covered to the point were you really couldn't drive! talk about freak storms! 

this was taken by 3 tv and their cameras!
these are my grandparents motorcycles,
they were clean the other day,
now they look as if they have not
been touched in about 10 years!

This was taken from a high rise downtown by a phoenix resident

this was taken by a resident in Laveen

A Pheonix Resident snapped this one!

this was taken just outside of downtown!

taking over the the gold course!

caught from a hillside home by another valley resident!

Crazy Right ?? I wonder what Mother Nature has in store next for Arizona! 

Earlier that tuesday I was working! Busy taking Family Photos for Luna! She has such a beautiful Family! 

Alright all, I am going to stop blogging your ear off for the day, and try to beat the Lovely Arizona Heat! it really is not all that bad today but the Humidity is sort of bad! hopefully it will dry up soon! Have a good day and for those of you in hot states, stay cool!

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